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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Grandma’s Shelley Queen Anne 1929

This was my story for the last week of the course...

“Hurry up Mum. Open the box. I want to see what’s in it,” seven year old Colin demanded as his mother loosened the string tied firmly around the medium sized cardboard box that she had ordered especially from Sydney.

“Just a moment…don’t rush me.” said Daisy. “Nearly there. Ah, here we go.” The string snapped and the box lid flew open.

There, nestled in a bed of crumpled newspaper, was Daisy’s longed for Shelley Queen Anne tea set : six settings of pure white cups, saucers and plates, milk jug, sugar pot and sandwich tray. Each piece was gently unwrapped and placed 
on the draining board. Carefully she proceeded to wash and dry the gleaming, translucent china.

“Thank heavens the delivery got through in spite of the floods in Sydney,” she thought. “How dreadful if I had had to use my everyday china for afternoon tea tomorrow. What would Mrs Fallick and the others have thought of me?” 

Colin and Shirley, tired of playing in the box of newspaper scraps drifted outside. Daisy then checked her best linen serviettes and matching supper cloth. Tomorrow she needed to impress all of the invited ladies but especially Mrs Howe, the bank manager’s wife. Cec was relying on her to pave the way for his appointment with Mr Howe next Monday. The future of the furniture shop, and indeed their whole livelihood, depended on how that meeting would go.

I wonder what my dear Grandma would say if she saw me today, using the same tea set to impress my prospective in-laws.

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